3D Freezer Line:

If you want access to the fastest air base freezer in the market, then the 3D freezer is right for you. Our 3D freezer’s high end flash freezer specs, speed, and superior quality are what make it one of the best choices for business professions that want to expand their business and want to speed up production. In addition to this, while most freezers cause drip loss of up to 4-5%, our Flash Freezers result in a significantly smaller amount of only 0.3% of drip loss.

Fast, Precise, 360° Coverage and with Outstanding Reliability, you cannot go wrong with our exclusive 3D Freezer Line.

ReJoice Freezer Line:

Our Rejoice Freezers boast the specialty of having a liquid based freezing method. The ingredient is dipped in -20~-35℃ alcoholic fuel and this ensures much better freezing.

The difference between a regular freezer and the Rejoice Freezer is that rather than blowing cold air to freeze the food supply, this freezer uses a liquid fuel with an alcohol base. The goal of using this method is to reach the freezing temperature of food much faster without giving the food a chance to degrade. The liquid based freezer, is more qualified as a freezer than magnetometers or oxygen freezer.

As a liquid base is able to transfer heat away from the product much faster than other methods, the ethanol that the product is dipped in able to freeze contents much faster than other competitors in the market. This is why the “Liquid based freezer has the fastest record“

Our Service

We here at Flash Freeze work closely with the best Freezer Manufacturers in Japan to bring you the best technology available in the Freezing Industry. Whatever your requirements may be, we can help you find the perfect freezer to suit your business and its growing needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may consult with you and help you find the right freezer for you.

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