Seilu Freezer Exclusive Line

We are proud to present to you our dedicated Seilu Freezer Lineup.
Seilu freezer boasts a wide range of refrigeration services ranging from Quick Freezing, IQF [Individual uick Freezers], Spiral Freezers and even Cryogenic Freezers for Vaccines!

If you are looking for a multi purpose blast freezer or blast chiller, look no further than our dedicated Seilu Freezer Line!
If you wish to learn more about the process of blast freezing, feel free to read our article!

IQF Spiral Freezer Line

Spiral Freezer Interior

IQF Quick Freezing System individually freezes various types of food including fruit, meat, seafood and bakery rapidly at –60℃.
Quick freezing at very low temperatures in a short amount of time prevents ice crystals from forming, a key technology in efficiently maintaining food characteristics, freshness and quality in highest conditions.

Domestic quick freezing generally happens at around –30℃~-40℃. For instance, fish must be quick frozen at below –50℃ to maintain cell integrity and moisture.

Longer freezing times result in destruction and deformation of cells and nutrition, significantly reducing flavor and quality.

Why choose IQF?

Benefits of an IQF Freezer

-60°C Quick Freezer Line

Quick Freezer

Can original flavor be preserved in frozen food? Generally, when you freeze something, its cells are destroyed resulting in significantly reduced texture and flavor.

After repeated testing by the academia to preserve flavor, color and aroma, researches show quick freezing in very-low temperature at –60°C freezes the food before cells are destroyed.

TS (Time Stop) Quick Freezing rapidly quick-freezes everything as if the time has stopped, preserving the quality of fresh produce without destroying its cells even after thawing.

The biggest advantage is that this solves the problems – significantly reduced flavor, aroma, color when compared to fresh produce – of previous frozen food.

Why should you Quick Freeze?

-60 C Quick Freezer Benefits

Ultra Low Temperature Cryogenic Freezer

Quick Freezer

SEILUFREEZER’s -80℃ Cryogenic Freezer Room is state-of-the-art. It uses an eco-friendly mixed refrigerant, custom oil separator, and a proprietary heat exchange system that is the result of many years of R&D.

Although previously thought to be theoretically impossible, the system utilizes a 2kg/㎡ low-pressure freezer system to produce air at -80℃. The unique system is free from almost all small breakdown issues, and heat is emitted outside via a separate condensing unit.

Countries around the world now need a better way to store and transport COVID-19 vaccines.
Our Mobile Cryogenic Freezer Room is the solution to this global challenge. It can be used by laboratories, research centers and many other types of facilities.

Operates at -80℃ and is on 24/7/365 (available for export)

The Mobile Cryogenic Freezer Room is comprised of two freezing systems that maintain a temperature of -80℃ in a 40 foot shipping container. The container is a mobile solution and can be used at anytime, anywhere in the world as long as an electrical supply is available.

The Importance of Cryogenic Freezing

Cryogenic Freezer Benefits

Various Cryogenic Models Available

Cryogenic Freezer Models for sale
Flash Freezer model