The History of Blast Freezers
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When we look back at human progress, we rightly look upon the contributions of the pioneers who have spearheaded the advancement of their respective fields. Whether it be theology or the sciences, politics or medicine or even literature, there has always been individuals who have carved out fresh new paths to advance each field.

Today, we will be taking a look at not a person, but at a freezer that has revolutionized the food industry, paving new ways to freeze, store and transport products and inventory all over the world. It has also had its fair share of influence on the healthcare industry;
We are going to be talking about the History of the Blast Freezer.

As with all stories of the past, we must first talk about its origins.

Food Preservation Prior to Blast Freezers :

Until the advent of the mechanical freezer, food was primarily preserved in salt and ice brine until the early 1840s. The first commercial ice making machine was invented in 1854. Industries were quick to realize the potential of this process and started to adopt it. However, it was not until early 1880 that the first commercial batch of frozen meat was shipped from Australia to Britain.

Over time, industries started relying on this new method of freezing for handling their produce and inventory. However, it was not until late 1913 that refrigerators for home use were finally invented.

This was a pivotal moment; one in which the power of industrial and commercial refrigeration was passed onto the hands of the average household. 

Note : If you wish to skip the history lesson and learn more about how a blast freezer works, then feel free to read our article on it.

The Emergence of Blast Freezers :

Blast Frozen Products

At the turn of the 20th Century, it became apparent that blowing cold air over food was an easy and effective means of cooling down products for freezing. This is the first emergence of the idea of blast freezers. This concept was improved upon and developed over the coming decades into the modern day concept of Blast Freezers.

In fact, were it not for the development of this technology, even modern day home refrigeration would not be possible as even home refrigerators take some blast freezing concepts and use them to preserve the food that you buy on a daily basis.

With the emergence of Blast Freezers, the food industry entered a golden age, one in which products could be stored for long periods of time without fear of spoilage and degradation. This paved the way for modern day grocery stores and revolutionized the method in which food is made available to the growing masses.

The Concept behind Blast Freezing :

Blast Chiller Freezer Description

Modern day blast freezers work on the concept of circulating super cooled air over the food that allows for rapidly reducing its temperature. The faster the drop in temperature, the more miniscule the ice crystals that form around the food. The size of these ice crystals determine how much damage the product goes through while frozen and upon subsequent defrosting.

Blast freezers focus on reducing the temperature of products from 40-60 Degrees Celsius. However, the crucial ice crystal formation threshold is encountered between 0 to -10 Degrees Celsius. As such, blast freezers that can bypass this threshold the fastest usually ensure the least amount of internal damage to the product and subsequent drip loss.

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Blast Freezers also come with various freezing modes depending upon the type of product being frozen.
Here is a quick overview of some of the various blast freezer modes :

Soft  Freeze : 

This blast freezer setting rapidly takes the temperature of the food down to 3-2 Degrees Celsius. This is best used for products such as fruits or salads that are a lot more delicate and hence require extra care.

Hard Freeze :

Hardier foods such as meat, fish or cooked meals are more suitable for this setting. This blast freezer option rapidly freezes the products down to a temperature of about -15 Degrees Celsius.

Shock Freeze :

Shock freezing can reduce the core temperature of various products down to -18 Degrees Celsius in a very short time. This blast freezer setting is used to rapidly cool down the food and eliminate the presence of harmful bacteria on the product. This keeps the product fresh and hygienic for much longer periods of time.

Purchasing your own Blast Freezer :

Blast Freezer Product Lineup

Having read all this, perhaps you are wondering if you could use a blast freezer yourself. Perhaps you own a business that could benefit from having a blast freezer that can rapidly freeze your inventory for long term storage or transport. Regardless of whether it is for a private venture or an individual business or a factory, blast freezers come in all sizes. From table top blast freezers to blast freezers that are big enough to fill an entire room (See : Tunnel Freezer); there is a blast freezer that is perfect for your business venture, be it big or small.

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