Flash Freeze Exclusive Line Up

The Flash Freeze Exclusive Line Up brings to you a wide range of specialized products that are designed specifically keeping the needs of the industry in mind. With a diverse range of products ranging from Starter Lines to our large scale Elite Units, whatever your business and its needs, we are here to deliver.
At Flash Freeze, we take pride in our desire to help our clients find the perfect freezer for their business. After all, success for the client is eventually success for us. With this ideology in mind, we would be happy to help you find the right freezer for your business and your vision.

Starter Line Blast Freezer Blast Chiller

The Starter Line is a great choice for growing businesses and startups looking to invest in a smaller scale blast freezer or blast chiller. The Starter Line features units that can double as both blast freezers as well as blast chillers. For more information on the differences between a blast chiller and a blast freezer, feel free to check out our FAQ Section .
Simplistic, Functional and Economic. The Starter Line is the perfect choice to help you hit the ground running with developing your business.

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Sovereign Line Blast Freezer Blast Chiller

The Sovereign Line is the perfect choice if you are looking to freeze larger quantities of inventory in short periods of time. In addition to the premium refrigeration facilities that our blast freezers provide, this line also comes equipped with an internal diffuser capable of indirect ventilation. Available in various sizes, please reach out to us to find a unit that suits your blast freezer needs.

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Capital Line Blast Freezer Blast Chiller

The Capital Line is a specialized line designed specifically for gastronomy, pastry and ice cream. Each unit comes with simple and intuitive controls complete with HACCP functions.
With the highest quality in industrial blast freezing, this line is definitely worth looking into if you are looking to purchase a unit that can handle not just regular produce but also excels at freezing pastries and ice cream and more!

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Satin Line Blast Chiller Blast Freezer

Modern and intuitive touch controls are just the cherry on top. The Satin Line excels at temperature and humidity control making its accuracy and reliability one of the highest in the market. The ventilation is redirected away from the product to ensure it stays well preserved.
These features make it an ideal choice for chocolates and other sweet and delicate products.

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Baking Line Blast Chiller Blast Freezer

The Baking Line is the premier line for all your baked goods and products. This line up boasts fantastic temperature and humidity control. In addition to this, there is also an on board humidity regulator that can be controlled via the control panel.
From yeast blocks to storage, awakening, proving and maintenance, this is definitely a go to unit for all your baked freezing needs.

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Elite Line Blast Chiller Blast Freezer

The Elite Line is our most advanced blast chiller and blast freezer line. It features a wide variety of multi-functional machines that are capable of freezing an extremely wide range of products, ranging from meats to pastries to breads and more!
These units provide up to 100 mm insulation, ergonomic handle, high power and exceptional performance!

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