Flash Freeze: The pinnacle of flash freezing technology

Flash Freeze is the best solution for your business with its innovative Flash Freezing Technologies

Flash Freeze is operated by EXIDEA, Inc’s global team. We are headquartered in Japan, working directly with the only Freezer Specialist in Japan, DAYBREAK Co., Ltd.

After just 3 years, DAYBREAK has consulted over 3,000 companies and has made a name for themselves with their vast knowledge of Freezer’s technology and great customer service.

With Daybreak’s vast knowledge, we were able to make flash-freeze.net. A place where professionals can come and look for the best freezers in the market.


We Understand our Customers

We understand that professional chefs, business owners, and restaurant owners are not all the same and each and every professional requires a freezer that will help increase profits, lower cost, and give them various distribution options.

Carefully Selected Products

Our Flash Freezers are hand-picked from high-end manufactures. These Flash Freezers were made for the sole purpose of optimizing distribution, storage, and quality maintenance for each professional’s valuable inventory.

Customized for Your Needs

Our goal is to provide a customized experience for each and every client in order to find the perfect fit for their specific needs. We focus only on the best freezers in the market so that we can bring professionals exactly what they need to grow a successful business.