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3D Flash Freezer is the fastest Blast Freezer in the market.With its fast freezing technology,foods and ingredients are kept fresh after being frozen with little loss of the frozen products original moisture,texture or flavor.Freezing cooked products is also possible.


ReJoice makes liquid flash freezers (similar to nitrogen freezers) for business professionals. Liquid flash Freezers keep moisture, texture, original flavor and increase longevity of food via careful crystallization of molecular cells of products that are liquid flash frozen.

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Blast Chillers:A way to keep your products fresh for a short period of time via cooling instead of freezing food or ingredients. Can a business be sustainable only using a blast chiller?


Shock Freezers are able to freeze low temperature products at relative high speeds, but unlike flash freezers, shock freezers are not optimized to freeze items above room temperature. Are Shock Freezers the best option for your business?


Here we are going to give you an in-depth look at the difference between current commercial freezers and our Flash Freezers and show how our Flash Freezers can help your business succeed.


We hand picked each and every flash freezer that we present to you. We rigorously test our Flash Freezers to tell you their longevity, speed, and overall build quality. As the only Freezer consultants in Japan, we can focus on finding the right freezer for your business. Contact us via our contact form or at support.en@flash-freeze.net today.

Flash Freezer Line Up!

3D Freezers

List of our 3D Freezer line!

ReJoice Freezers

ReJoice Freezer Line!

Air Based Freezer VS Liquid Based Freezer

Air Based Freezer: Featuring our innovative 3D Freezer!

Our Most demanded air based Flash Freezer, “3D Freezer ” is popular due to it’s unique ability to freeze 360 degrees within the freezer in order to hit the content that is being frozen with cold fronts from all sides at the same time!

This innovative way of freezing products allows the contents to be frozen faster and safer. Not only does this method allow for shorter freezing time, but due to controlled cold fronts the ice crystallization of food cells is minimized, which protects the food’s cell wall from being destroyed, thereby maintaining maximum flavor, original freshness, and texture.

If you want to test out our Flash Freeze line, please feel free to contact us via the contact form, showroom reservation section, or you are more than welcome to ask us about our Flash Freezers directly via support.en@flash-freeze.net.
For more on Air based freezers and a more in-depth look at our 3D Freezer’s Flash Freezing Technology click the button below.

Liquid Freezer Featuring: ReJoice brine based Flash Freezing!

Flash freezing technology is at the fore-front as it is THE number one method to deep-freeze food to preserve its flavor, texture, and overall cell-structure as close to the original un-frozen state.

Compared to slowly freezing food, Rejoice’s liquid based flash freezer takes full advantage of the thermal conductivity of Alcohol Brine to freeze the contents in a matter of seconds.

In order to properly freeze food in a liquid based freezer it needs to be tightly sealed or vacuum packed before being submerged in the Brine Alcohol and Ethanol based liquid.

The liquid in our flash freeze Rejoice Freezer is HARMLESS to human skin and it is safe to touch the liquid for a SHORT period of time.

If you are interested in learning more about our fastest flash freeze liquid based technology to keep products fresh after being frozen, please see the article about our liquid based flash freezer by clicking on the button below.

Liquid Freezer in Action: A One Minute Presentation.

Freezing meat can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on which commercial freezer you are using. In this quick video you can see in real time just how fast our Re-Joice’s Flash Freezers are! In just under a minute, the entire surface of the soy-sauce dipped eel is completely flash frozen! Our Re-Joice Flash Freezer is the fastest liquid based freezer in the market!

With it’s advanced Flash Freezing technology, you can have the best commercial freezer in terms of speed, customization (different sizes available) and more importantly keep your products fresh and ready to use for a longer period of time!

Contact us at anytime via the contact form or directly at support.en@flash-freeze.net and we would be more than happy to provide consultation for purchasing reservation. We will set up a personal consultation where you are free to test all of our flash freezers while you receive one on one guidance on how to implement a flash freezer to your business!

Results of Flash Freezing

Flash Freezer Showroom Invitation

Daybreak Showroom

If you are interested in our Flash freezer Line up, we encourage you to come to our showroom and receive free consultation while you test all of our flash freezers when coming from outside of Japan (fees apply to Japanese residents). Our Showroom is home to our flash freezer specialist partner, Daybreak., LTD, they will be able to help you plan out shipping options, calculate utility costs, freezer installation,maintenance, and much more! Coming to the showroom is the only way for you to be able to test all of our freezers and see for yourself what our freezers can do.

We are currently taking reservations for our showroom located in the center of Tokyo. Make a reservation today to get an exclusive consultation with the real freezing professionals. Please contact us via the contact form or via support.en@flash-freeze.net today to find the right freezer for your business!



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We have a a wide variety of Flash Freezers made by professionals for professionals! If you are looking for a freezer that will both decrease inventory cost and increase food and ingredient quality, then you have come to the right place. We have freezer specialists with over 15 years of experience waiting to help you find a freezer that is right for your business. Of course, consultation and freezer testing is FREE of charge. That is because we are confident that once you try our product line up, you will want our freezers in your business!

We are the ONLY Freezer specialist company in Japan. This gives us the advantage to focus on only one thing, to bring you the best freezers the market has to offer! We take every customers needs into consideration and set an appointment in accordance to your schedule to show you our showroom and present to you our freezers, receive one on one consultation, installation and financial planning to find the perfect freezer for your business ! Bring any items you would like to test out and see how efficient our flash freeze technology will be for your business!

Note: Please bring your own food or ingredients when coming to test our flash freezers.

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