Buying a Blast Freezer in 2021

Is buying a Blast Freezer in 2021 Worth it?

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When we look for a blast freezer , what exactly are we looking for? Are we looking for a freezer that is capable of freezing products for the long term or for the short term? Are we looking for a freezer that is capable of freezing small amounts of inventory or massive? Are we looking for a freezer that is capable of freezing a few hours a day or continuously?

These are just some of the questions that we need to ask ourselves when potentially buying a blast freezer. This is because depending on our needs and requirements cover the need for long term freezing storage and distribution. The scale of the business operation we hope to augment using a blast freezer also matters when it comes to choosing a potential product.

Today, we will be taking a look at the various blast freezers that are available for sale in the market in 2021 and help you make the best choice for your business when it comes to choosing the perfect blast freezer .

Why should you purchase a blast freezer?

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If you, find yourself often looking for a freezer that is capable of freezing at a much higher quality then traditional commercial refrigeration, without breaking the bank, then buying a blast freezer is your best choice. To ensure the highest possible quality of the finished product, the freezing method employed also matter significantly.

Blast freezers inherently come with a wide range of benefits that commercial refrigeration does not provide. For example, our blast freezers are capable of running for 24 hours non stop, before they need to be shut down for a quick defrosting process prior to being used again. Compared to commercial refrigerators that need to be defrosted and shut down every 8 to 12 hours , a blast freezer is capable of massively improving production quality. It also helps reduce the amount of manpower and labor necessary to keep operations going.

Blast freezers can also be used to continuously freeze food for several days at a time. This of course depends on the type of blast freezer you choose to buy. Depending on your choice you could either get a blast freezer that freezes for a few hours or freezes for a whole day or freezes continuously. It all depends on the scale of your operations and what you want at the end of the day from your product.

Blast freezers also significantly reduce one of the biggest problems that is plaguing the production and manufacture industry currently.

This is the problem of drip loss.

So what is Drip Loss?

Drip loss is the process by which a product slowly starts losing its mass or wait due to constant freezing and defrosting. Through this process, products such as meat and proteins lose immense amounts of wait leading to reduced inventory weight in general .

Depending on the type of freezing employed, the ice crystals that form during the ice crystal formation threshold can either be big or small. As a rule of thumb, the finer the ice crystals, better the quality of the product.

This is because blast freezers that create extremely tiny crystals inside the food during the process of freezing damage food the least . The cellular integrity of the food remains intact, and the ice crystals are so fine the damage caused to the product is minimal. Thus, upon  de-frosting, products that are frozen using a blast freezer often turn out to have minimal drip loss and much higher quality flavor and texture.

What kind of business requires a flash freezer?

Investing in a freezer

Before we talk about the kinds of businesses that require the investment of a blast freezer, let us make it very clear that’s a blast freezer , is indeed a very specialized freezer that is a pivotal part of the food and production industry. If you are looking to just refrigerate your products and sell them immediately first small home business, then a blast freezer does not seem very necessary.

However, if you are looking to expand on an already existing business or expand upon a factory line or even start a business that aims to freeze products with the utmost efficiency quality and hygiene standards while at the same time freezing huge quantities of product ready for export storage and use, then you should definitely consider investing into a decent blast freezer.

Choosing a flash freezer based on specialization:

Prior to purchasing the blast freezer, one has to take into consideration the product that is to be frozen. Depending on the technology employed within the blast freezer, the freezer may be more well suited to freezing fish or certain proteins rather than fruits and vegetables and vice versa. Depending on whether you are looking to freeze fish or poultry or beef or any kind of protein really; The available choices for a blast freezer are plentiful. It is a little more difficult when it comes to Finding a blast freezer for  fruits and vegetables. fruits and vegetables have a very delicate skin. Uneven freezing on any part can cause the texture of the fruit or vegetable to change. This is why, blast freezers that can freeze fruits, vegetables and berries are customized to be able to freeze the products with minimal change in texture, flavor and quality.

Introducing our premium Blast Freezer Lines:

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If you read this article hoping to research and find out more information about flush freezers, then I highly suggest you reach out to us so that we can help you find the perfect blast freezer for your business and its own unique needs.

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